Developing new technologies to solve complex scientific problems

Technological advances continually transform biomedical science. The IBRI will require a dynamic and diverse assembly of cutting-edge tools to pursue our innovative research strategy.

We will enable the IBRI and our collaborators with the best scientific tools to carry out our work, either constructed internally or accessed through creative partnerships. We envision our technologies platform to be a leading example of how to integrate human-derived data and experimental models to improve translation to patients.

Additionally, the IBRI’s unique technology footprint will enable local innovators to translate novel hypotheses into attractive opportunities through innovative discovery and business models.

IBRI Technology Update:  Diseases Diagnosed Faster and Better

BioMEMs Analytics graphic

Illustration of antibodies binding to bacteria.

In 2020, the IBRI outlicensed one of the technologies developed by IBRI researchers to BioMEMS Analytics, LLC, a startup company based in Indiana. The technology licensed is a biological electromechanical system that uses micro-sized components to reduce cost and improve sensitivity of diagnostic tests.

This technology shows our focus on the future of translational science in a patient-centric framework. Indeed, at the heart of this technology is an innovative approach to diagnose diseases faster and with more precision, allowing a quicker translation from patient diagnosis to effective treatment.

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