A nexus point for innovative science

In August 2020, 16 Tech formally cut the ribbon on its 50-acre mixed-use innovation district. In this new downtown community, 16 Tech seeks to support and foster cross-sector collaboration, promote innovation and boost economic growth and prosperity.

We at the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI) were eager to move into the space we created that supports life sciences entrepreneurship, convenes diverse research teams and complements innovation in the ecosystem while remaining thoughtful about the impact on our neighborhood.

We see this new headquarters as a nexus point for academic institutions, industry, community and government. We envision the IBRI bringing these groups together to plan the future direction for life sciences in the Midwest. It all comes down to enabling innovation to translate research into improved health outcomes for Hoosiers and beyond.

One way to promote innovative science is to create an environment for new businesses to grow. To do this we partnered with 16 Tech and 1776, the nation’s largest network of entrepreneurial incubators, to offer life sciences startups the opportunity to work in our space and use our equipment.

On-demand COVID-19 tests

GenePace Laboratories is a biotech startup that acts as an on-demand service for organizations that need COVID-19 testing. 

Indiana Sports Corp. President Ryan Vaughn said, “GenePace Laboratories provided a holistic solution including testing and PPE procurement, quick turnaround times and a commitment to help us navigate unforeseen obstacles as they arose. They’ve allowed us to host sports events when other cities have been unable to do so safely.” 

GenePace Laboratories’ goal is to offer a full suite of medical tests faster and with more accuracy.

Revolutionizing heart failure treatment

FAST BioMedical is developing technology that has the potential to dramatically improve heart failure patient management by measuring—rather than estimating—both volume status and kidney function. 

Vice President of Product Development Dan Meier, PhD, explained, “The move to 16 Tech enables us to deploy more devices in more hospitals for multiple clinical trials. We’ll be able to provide rapid processing of samples using our plasma volume and kidney function measurement technologies to trial sites around the world.” 

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