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Metabolic Phenotyping Core

The IBRI has a Metabolic Mouse Phenotyping Core designed to provide an array of sophisticated research techniques for the purpose of investigating mouse models of human disease. The core advances medical and biological research by providing researchers with comprehensive, standardized, and high quality metabolic phenotyping services for mouse models of diabetes, diabetic complications, obesity and related disorders.

The core utilizes the TSE System metabolic caging for up to 16 mice that includes indirect calorimetry, food and water intake and activity measurements. The core also offers services that include EcoMRI, GTT, ITT, islet isolation, GSIS, and tissue procurement. The core also offers extended time food and water intake measurements by utilizing the BioDaq caging system.

Terms and Conditions

Zebrafish Core

The IBRI Zebrafish Core Facility is a shared resource that provides researchers with the ability to utilize the zebrafish model organism in their studies. Zebrafish have several advantages over other model organisms including ease of genetic manipulation, a sequenced genome, rapid external development, high fecundity, extensive regenerative capabilities, and straightforward husbandry requirements. Our facility has the capacity for 120 tanks, with an expanding complement of transgenic models. This facility will assist our researchers and collaborators as they work to better understand human development and diseases by providing access to a unique tool by which molecular mechanisms can be explored in vivo.

Microscopy Core

The Microscopy Core houses state-of-the-art microscopy equipment with related imaging acquisition software for use by IBRI researchers and collaborative projects. Currently the Core contains a Zeiss LSM 710 confocal microscope with capacity for high resolution imaging, a Leica M205 fluorescent dissecting microscope with a camera for wholemount imaging, and two Leica M80 dissecting microscopes outfitted with cameras and video monitors to provide teaching and interactive learning capabilities.

Cell Culture Core

The IBRI Cell Culture Facility supports research studies that require the culture of human and/or animal-derived primary and immortalized cells. The facility contains all necessary equipment to facilitate this in vitro culture work including, but not limited to, cellular analysis, manipulation, and microscopy.

Fairbanks Institute Tissue Core

Originally funded with a $10 million gift from the Indianapolis-based Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation in 2006, the Fairbanks Institute created a next generation biorepository as a resource for research on chronic diseases of aging. INBankTM enrolled participants in what was at the time a unique long-term health study that linked biological samples with participants’ real-time medical histories, allowing tracking of the progression and complications of the disease over time. The IBRI now houses a replica of that biorepository of roughly 17,000 samples with the ability to connect those samples to longitudinal medical data for purposes of research.