We connect

The IBRI creates connections and linkages across public and private partnerships to foster more coordinated innovation and entrepreneurship.

Start your connections with the IBRI: Jay McGill, Chief Operating Officer

We collaborate

The IBRI is the hub for a network of industry and academic research partners within the robust life sciences and IT ecosystem in Indiana and beyond. Be a partner or work with us to start a project or partnership.

We complement

The IBRI expands the current life sciences and IT ecosystems by adding complementary capabilities. If you or your organization has complementary capabilities or skills, please reach out to the IBRI’s Principle Investigators:

We catalyze

The IBRI occupies a unique position to bridge academic and industry research. Learn about our current projects.

We convene

The IBRI assembles diverse, cross-functional and cross-institutional research teams who “play bigger” together. If you or your organization would like to investigate how the research you’re conducting may fit or support the IBRI’s core competencies, please contact the IBRI’s Principle Investigators.

2020 Annual Report cover

The IBRI 2020 Annual Report is now available. The report theme, ‘Shaping the Future of Translational Science,’ reflects the IBRI’s commitment to turning scientific discovery into improved outcomes for patients.