Naming the Institute

Our mission is to become the leading independent, industry-inspired, applied research institute in the discovery and development of innovative solutions to improve health, targeting diabetes, cardiometabolic disease and nutrition. Naming the Institute will recognize a donor who shares in this mission.

Naming Opportunities for our Centers

Rising Star Funds

Rising Star funds support our junior scientists to advance their research and grow in their scientific roles with the IBRI.  Funding for a Rising Star may include support for direct research activities and travel for scientific conferences.  

Visiting Scientists

The larger Indiana scientific community benefits when local experts and those from around the globe bring their experiences and knowledge to the IBRI.

Innovation Funds

Disrupting the traditional pathway to scientific success is in our DNA. Funds to support research projects that are riskier but have a more immediate impact is essential but difficult to fund through traditional sources. These projects exist across all of our centers.

Community Partnerships

Within the 16 Tech Innovation District, we are creating an active, vibrant community that attracts curious and creative people to work, play, live and learn, while respecting and growing together with the surrounding neighborhoods. Recognition opportunities for donors exist within the District.

The IBRI, 16 Tech and other community partners will continue to develop and support STEM/SEED programs and opportunities for young people in our Indianapolis neighborhood.