Your generosity leads to our progress

Here at the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute research happens at a different pace. Our scientists are guided by their passions and have the freedom to follow the results to innovative discoveries. Read a few of their stories to see the impact your gift can make.

Supporting research that seeks to halt or stop disease

JDRF, the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes research, awarded Teresa Mastracci, PhD with a Career Development Award of $750,000. This research grant has allowed Mastracci to continue her work in the area of beta cell regeneration with the ultimate goal of identifying drugs that can slow or even halt the progression of type 1 diabetes. The JDRF Career Development Award is designed to assist exceptionally promising researchers early in their careers. "This award is confirmation of the impressive research Teresa is doing in the area of beta cell biology and type 1 diabetes," said Dr. Raghu Mirmira, former Chief Scientific and Innovation Officer for IBRI. "We look forward to seeing Teresa translate her research in ways that will ultimately help children and adults afflicted with type 1 diabetes."

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Following results to prevent heart disease

Michael Pugia, IBRI Research Fellow and Director of the Single Cell Bioanalytics Center, has been conducting research into relationships between type 2 diabetes patients and their long term cardiovascular health. His motivation? “Cardiovascular incidents are a major cause of death in people with type 2 diabetes. Our research is leading us to an antibody that might prevent cardiovascular incidents from happening in these patients.”

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