Op-ed: Science for You


Dr. Suresh Garimella, Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships at Purdue University, and a member of the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute's Scientific Advisory Board writes about the importance of scientific research in everyday life in the Lafayette Journal and Courier:

"Every day, all of us in Indiana and the nation enjoy thousands of the benefits of scientific research, although it is easy to take these advances for granted.

The electricity in our homes, the cars we drive (and the roads we drive on), our televisions and radios, the improved health care we receive, the smartphones in our pockets — even the food on our tables — were all either developed or greatly improved through university research." Read the op-ed.

2019 Annual Report cover

The IBRI 2019 Annual Report is now available. The report theme is “Catalyze, Complement, Connect,” which correlates with the IBRI's goals to seek solutions for health problems, enhance the Indiana life sciences ecosystem, and expedite solutions for the most pressing health issues.