16 Tech Community Corporation Hires Veteran Community Development Leader; Announces Fund to Invest in Nearby Communities


Starla D. Hart, MPA, a veteran community development professional who has worked for more than 16 years to enhance the lives of people in Indianapolis, has been named  Director of Community Initiatives for 16 Tech Community Corporation effective October 29. In this new position, Hart will work with Near West, Northwest and surrounding neighborhoods and help 16 Tech and its newly appointed advisory committee launch the 16 Tech Community Investment Fund.

For more information, visit https://www.16tech.com/16-tech-community-corporation-hires-veteran-community-development-leader-announces-fund-to-invest-in-nearby-communities/

16 Tech

2018 Annual Report cover

The IBRI 2018 Annual Report is now available. The report theme is “Discovery With Purpose,” which is also the IBRI’s motto as it reflects the Institute’s commitment to translating scientific discovery into improved outcomes for patients.