IBRI IN THE NEWS: New Chief Wants to Grow IBRI's Global Reputation

September 18, 2020

Indianapolis The new chief executive officer of the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute in Indianapolis says he wants to see the institute emerge as a global leader of innovative science focusing on human health. Dr. Alan Palkowitz, who also serves as a senior research professor of medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine, was named to his new role earlier this month. He says he wants the IBRI to serve as a key partner for the broader life sciences community.

In an interview with Business of Health Reporter Kylie Veleta, Palkowitz said this is a very interesting time for Indiana's life sciences sector.

"When I look at the scientific landscape and starting, for example, here at IBRI, there has already been some tremendous work that has been initiated focused on translational medicine and trying to advance disease understanding and I look at that as just part of a larger concentration of talent and capabilities that are part of our Midwest community," said Palkowitz.

Palkowitz says ultimately, the institute wants to contribute to growing the life sciences community by working on initiatives to create jobs, to attract and retain talent, and help Indiana and the Midwest emerge as a powerhouse in advancing human health.

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