Zorion Medical Opens New Lab

April 30, 2018

Fully Absorbable Medical Device Company Latest Participant in the IBRI SPARK Program

Zorion Medical, Inc. has leased lab and production space in Indianapolis to jumpstart the development and clinical scale manufacturing of its fully absorbable medical device technology. The company is the latest start-up to join the SPARK program sponsored by the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI) to provide emerging companies with easy and affordable access to research labs, specialized equipment, and administrative space.

“The opening of this lab space is a major milestone for the company as we prepare for the clinical evaluation of our fully absorbable medical device technology,” said David Broecker, Founder and Executive Chairman for Zorion Medical.  “We have been operating mostly in virtual mode to advance this breakthrough technology in collaboration with others, like leading medical wire manufacturer Fort Wayne Metals, in Indiana.  Our achievements to date have now given us the confidence to build capabilities that will enable us to move forward rapidly.”

Zorion Medical has established an analytical and development lab as well as a small-scale clean room for production of medical devices.  Through the SPARK program, Zorion Medical gains access to IBRI core areas including microscopy, 3-D printing, and other specialized equipment.  The combination of these capabilities allows Zorion Medical to quickly prototype, test, optimize, and build different device applications.

“Part of our mission at IBRI is to help grow Indiana’s life sciences ecosystem to advance innovation through collaboration,” said Jay McGill, Chief Operating Officer for the IBRI. “We recognize that access to lab space and specialized equipment is a significant investment barrier to growth for many small companies in the life sciences. The SPARK program helps provide the resources and capabilities that startup life sciences companies need to succeed.”

“Most fully absorbable medical devices are based on polymers that can take years to fully go away,” explains Mark Paquin, Program Director for Zorion Medical. “Our breakthrough technology uses fully absorbable bio-metal alloys that safely absorb in a matter of months. This opens up new opportunities to avoid the complications associated with permanent implants. Our initial area of focus targets peripheral vascular disease where permanent devices like stents have high failure rates.”

About Zorion Medical, Inc.

Zorion Medical, Inc., is an innovative platform technology company developing fully absorbable medical devices based on bio-metal alloys.  The potential target opportunities for this technology include peripheral vascular disease, coronary artery disease, orthopedics, and a variety of surgical applications.  The company works in collaboration with development and supply partners, including Fort Wayne Metals in Indiana and Rontis in Europe.

Contact: David Broecker dabroecker@zorionmedical.com

Website: www.zorionmedical.com