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Why Indy

Creators and doers join together to inspire progress and discover solutions

Indianapolis skyline with canal walk
Mass Ave nightlife
Indianapolis 500 with cars and crowds

When people think of Indianapolis, many first envision the Indianapolis 500 or the Colts, or Eli Lilly and Company or the Butler Fieldhouse.

While Indy is all that, it’s also 2,157 life sciences companies, 100 miles of bike lanes and more than 50 suburbs. Indy also has, “gained acclaim for a flourishing culinary and brewing scene, thriving cultural institutions, cool neighborhoods, and so much more,” according to Visit Indy

Our friends at Life In Indy say it best, “Imagine a place where passion meets innovation. That’s the Indianapolis region…where our hospitality is only matched by our ambition. And where everyone can find their community in a place they love to call home.”