Annual Report 2022: Science Creates Hope

“Science Creates Hope.” It is only three little words. Yet, to the scientists at the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI), it is a powerful statement that embodies our lifelong commitment to advancing innovative solutions for complex diseases. Hope is something we all need, especially when facing life’s biggest health challenges.

IBRI Objectives

Three objectives are guiding us on our journey to:

  • Increase science and patient impact.
  • Grow the biomedical community by being a catalyst for innovation, building on our scientific influence and supporting STEM education.
  • Enhance financial sustainability by diversifying our funding.
IBRI building exterior
Alan Palkowitz

From the CEO

“In 2022, we renewed our strategy to enable innovation in the life sciences ecosystem, improve the efficiency of therapeutic discovery, and more quickly translate disease hypotheses into potential therapies that improve patient health outcomes here in Indiana and around the world.”

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Financial Strength

$12.7M Operating expenses
$3.1M Capital expenditures
46 Team members
13 Member Companies

Advance Research

2022 Annual Report