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3rd Annual Seminar Series

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Translating Science to Improve Patient Health

The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI) is a leading translational research institute that advances academic and industry science through collaboration to improve patient health outcomes.

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IBRI's Strategy

Today’s research is being driven by significant advances in our abilities to study complex disease processes and propose new ways to improve patients’ lives. To reflect the evolving nature of life sciences research and encourage synergies through collaboration, we’re enhancing our integrated capabilities and adding depth to how we approach patient-informed translational science.

Our focus as a translational research institute on collaboration is enhanced by our unique position in Indianapolis’ 16 Tech, which is a 50-acre mixed-use innovation district that seeks to support and foster cross-sector collaboration, promote innovation and boost economic growth and prosperity. Our headquarters in 16 Tech serves as a nexus point that connects us within minutes to key collaborators at academic institutions, life sciences companies and biotechnology startups.

IBRI Science Frontiers

Free seminar series welcomes international experts

The goal of the IBRI Science Frontiers seminar series is to invite world-class investigators to provide insights into diabetes and its complications, human genetics, drug discovery and novel therapeutics.