Discovery and Development with Purpose

Our mission is to become the leading independent, industry inspired applied research institute focusing on the discovery and development of innovative solutions to improve health, targeting diabetes, cardiometabolic disease and poor nutrition.

The IBRI was created to bridge industry, academia, government and community organizations together to pursue applied research opportunities to improve health outcomes for individuals in Indiana and beyond. Our unique approach to being this bridge is to:

  • Connect 

  • Collaborate

  • Complement

  • Catalyze

  • Convene

Our vision

Build a world-class organization of researchers, engineers and business professionals that catalyzes activities across the Indiana (and beyond) life sciences community.

Our goals

Based on our continued growth and research expansion, the IBRI Board of Directors approved recommendations to reflect the progress in our strategic development.

The IBRI’s goals are to:

  • Catalyze opportunities through the industry-inspired design of solutions for health problems associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and nutrition.
  • Complement and enhance the Indiana life sciences ecosystem by linking life science expertise to Hoosier health.
  • Connect industry, academia and the public sector to expedite solutions for the most pressing health issues related to cardio-metabolic diseases, including diabetes and poor nutrition.

Our values

Collaborative — We can’t do research alone. The IBRI exists to enhance the robust life sciences ecosystem by bridging industry and academic research.

Teamwork — We work together as one team, both within and across our operations, and externally with our partners and stakeholders.

Innovative — We are focused on game-changing research to help solve the most persistent health problems and challenges.

Integrity — We do the right thing by adhering to the highest ethical standards and being honest, respectful, transparent, responsible and accountable.

Inclusive — We operate in a diverse ecosystem of colleagues, partners, stakeholders, and patients where we respect diversity in people and in ideas. 

Board of Directors

  • Kristina Box, MD, FACOG, Indiana State Health Commissioner

  • Wayne Burris, Former Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Roche Diagnostics Corporation

  • Dan Evans*, Former Chief Executive Officer of Indiana University Health

  • John Lechleiter, PhD, Former Chief Executive Officer at Eli Lilly and Company

  • Patricia Martin, President and CEO of BioCrossroads Inc.

  • Dan Peterson, Vice President of Industry and Government Affairs at Cook Group Inc.

  • Jon Serbousek, Managing General Partner at Pinnacle Advisory Partners

  • Bill Stephan, Vice President for Engagement at Indiana University

* Denotes board chair

“The IBRI is connecting academic discovery from across the globe to industry development and public and private enterprise to improve human health. It is truly Discovery with Purpose.”

—Indiana State Health Commissioner Kristina Box, MD, FACOG


  • Operating expenses: $10.9 million
  • Capital expenditures: $1.1 million
  • Endowment balance: $128.9 million
  • Full-time employees: 37

Every gift makes an impact.

Our research is made possible by your generous gift. Your donation will help lead to solutions to major health challenges such as diabetes, cardiometabolic disease, and poor nutrition. 

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