2021 Annual Report

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The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute has made great strides in the past year.

We have worked diligently to implement our updated strategy and we are eager to share our progress.

We have integrated new capabilities to enable our ambitious strategy. We have expanded and diversified our scientific program. And, we have celebrated our first full year of scientific and administrative operations in Innovation Building 1 within the 16 Tech Innovation District.

kalwat lab team working

flak lab team working

IBRI Objectives

The four objectives that will guide us on the next steps of our journey are to:

  • Increase science and patient impact
  • Achieve translational business outcomes
  • Grow the biomedical community
  • Enhance financial sustainability

From the CEO

“The time is now. We must build on these achievements. I believe our expanded footprint will attract top talent to the life sciences ecosystem and that our scientific progress will lead to translational outcomes and increased funding opportunities.”

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Alan Palkowitz

IBRI Office Building

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