Scientific Strategy in Motion

The IBRI is continuing on the ambitious path that was envisioned when it was founded several years ago. With the arrival of our new president and CEO Alan Palkowitz, PhD, the IBRI has now updated its strategic direction to align with today’s scientific opportunities and dynamic environment.

An important goal of the IBRI’s work is to enable innovation in the life sciences ecosystem, improve efficiency of therapeutic discovery and more quickly translate disease hypotheses into potential therapies that improve patient health outcomes here in Indiana and around the world.

Illustration of a circle with four quadrants that represent disease systems, molecular innovation, data sciences and technology

IBRI Objectives

The four objectives that will guide us on the next steps of our journey are to:

  • Increase science and patient impact
  • Achieve translational business outcomes
  • Grow the biomedical community
  • Enhance financial sustainability

To see examples of how these objectives are guiding our strategy as we put it in action, please click below on the 2021 research highlights.

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