Financial Sustainability

Philanthropy network expansion

Jodie Van Kley, vice president of development and advancement, joins the IBRI at a critical moment in the organization’s history. 

Van Kley’s initial work has helped to align the IBRI’s fundraising efforts with its updated strategy. In addition to raising money for the chemistry lab, Van Kley is developing a long-term fundraising strategic plan to enable and expand the critical work of the IBRI.

Van Kley also is working with Mark Kowala, PhD, to expand research collaborations with academia, grow our sponsored research program through direct business development and to enhance the IBRI’s grant pipeline.

“The question that drives me and this fundraising strategy is, ‘how do we accelerate research and avoid bottlenecks,’” said Van Kley. “Because there’s a patient at the end who is waiting for an answer.”

Financial strength

  • Operating expenses............$13.2M
  • Capital expenditures.............$400K
  • Endowment balance.........$142.2M
  • Team members................................44

External funding

External funding bar graph

The IBRI has expanded its scientific program, which is reflected in the increase we have achieved in external funding. As of Dec. 31, 2021, our investigators had planned and submitted federal grants and sponsored research proposals totaling $12.8 million, compared with $9.4 million at Dec. 31, 2020. Meanwhile, funded awards secured by our Investigators increased to $6.2 million in total at Dec. 31, 2021, compared with $4.1 million at Dec. 31, 2020.

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