CEO letter

Dear IBRI stakeholders,

It has been an honor to step into the role of president and CEO at this time in the history of the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI).

Commitment to advancing science

In addition to moving into Innovation Building 1 in the 16 Tech Innovation District, this is a very exciting time for the life sciences in Central Indiana.

While 2020 wasn’t the year any of us had planned, the commitment of the IBRI team to scientific advancement amid COVID-19 restrictions was truly commendable. We:

  • Discovered two classes of compounds that pave the way for future clinical trials of potential treatments for type 1 diabetes (T1D).
  • Used electronic health records to predict health outcomes in persons with T1D.
  • Identified a new approach to studying autoimmune diseases that includes researching the immune system and target tissues.

Since arriving, I have been working with the Board of Directors and our leadership team to map out a new strategic direction for the IBRI. Importantly, this must reflect the dynamic and evolving role of innovators in the biomedical field and optimize where the IBRI can be best positioned alongside industry and academia to advance science and deliver meaningful outcomes for patients.

Culture of collaboration

Without a doubt, our strategic intent will continue on the ambitious path that was envisioned when the IBRI was first founded several years ago but updated for today’s scientific opportunities and environment. Fundamentally, we will focus on enhancing our integrated capabilities and adding depth to how we approach patient-informed translational science, both independently and through valued collaborations.

IBRI priorities

To enable our strategy, IBRI will focus on four general scientific areas:

  • The IBRI Diabetes Center will remain the primary focus of our disease research, but over time we will extend to other diseases that share common systems and pathways.
  • We’ll develop new capabilities for molecular innovation and drug discovery to investigate disease processes and pursue new therapeutic approaches.
  • We’ll reimagine data sciences and create novel end-user inspired solutions that address complex analysis, simulation and prediction across the translational sciences.
  • We’ll create an expanded platform of enabling technologies to bring the best tools to bear on complex scientific problems.

The IBRI’s momentum continues

I believe the IBRI has an opportunity to emerge as a key strategic partner with industry and regional academic centers to find innovative solutions to some of the most challenging biomedical problems.

I appreciate your support, partnership and commitment to our collective success as we move forward on this journey. 

Very best regards,

Alan Palkowitz, PhD
CEO & President

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