Advancing breakthroughs in disease processes and drug discovery

Chemists working in the drug discovery lab
Researcher labeling protein therapeutics samples
Surface of a protein targeted in NF2

Today’s research is being driven by significant advances in our abilities to study complex disease processes. To reflect the evolving nature of life sciences research, we’re enhancing our integrated capabilities and adding depth to how we approach patient-informed translational science.

The unparalleled expertise of leaders and researchers at the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI) uniquely positions us alongside industry and academia to break boundaries that will accelerate discoveries to defeat diseases.

Our new and expanded capabilities include:

IBRI Partners

Diabetes Research

1 in 10 adults around the world are living with diabetes

IBRI Diabetes Center

"We are using CRISPR screening to identify new drug therapies that can halt type 1 diabetes progression."

Erica Cai, PhD
Cai Lab