Compound Sample Management

Complete logistics for storing and preparing compounds for testing

Scientist working on compound sample management

The chemical compounds behind tomorrow’s life-changing therapies need to be stored and handled in extremely precise ways. The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI) partners with a third-party sample management operation, Frontier Scientific, to provide high-quality, comprehensive compound sample management.

Frontier’s sample management services are available to investigators within the IBRI and to collaborating researchers and member companies who use our facilities. It’s another part of our institute’s efforts to enhance efficiency and support discovery across the entire drug development community.

The services include everything from registering, storing and weighing compounds to solubilizing, plating and shipping them for testing. At every step, Frontier’s process meets the highest standards of quality and precision to eliminate errors and delays.

Efficient and reliable compound sample management helps the IBRI and our collaborators accelerate the journey of bringing new therapies to the people who depend on them. It supports our work in all disease areas we focus on, from Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes to osteosarcoma and other pediatric rare diseases.

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Jay McGill, PhD
Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Administration