IBRI partners with Schrödinger to accelerate molecular design and drug discovery

Schrodinger and IBRI logos with magnifying glass and molecules

IBRI makes Schrödinger platform available to its members, collaborators

Indianapolis, Ind. - The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI), a leading translational science institute, today announced an agreement with Schrödinger, whose physics-based software platform is transforming the way therapeutics and materials are discovered, to integrate Schrödinger’s digital chemistry platform into the IBRI’s drug discovery efforts.

“This cutting-edge software from Schrödinger will enable our molecular innovation team to design and optimize molecular therapeutics and improve the effectiveness in targeting disease,” said Alan Palkowitz, PhD, president and CEO of the IBRI. “Adding Schrödinger’s platform to our drug discovery capabilities also allows us to expand collaborations to pursue innovative translational programs.”

Schrödinger’s platform is one of many technologies the IBRI is accessing to expand its capabilities for drug discovery. The platform offers our researchers and partners access to an extensive toolbox of sophisticated drug discovery technologies. And, the computer simulations, property predictions and data management offered by Schrödinger, including the collaborative enterprise informatics platform LiveDesign, can transform the way IBRI scientists rapidly design and evaluate potential therapeutics.

“Our computational platform was designed to help organizations like the IBRI accelerate innovation in drug discovery,” said Robert Abel, chief computational scientist at Schrödinger. “We are thrilled to know we are empowering the IBRI’s researchers to expand their exploration of the chemical space and design novel compounds in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional approaches.”


About the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute

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