Science Creates Hope

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Hope is something we all need, especially when facing life's biggest challenges. And science provides a powerful source of hope.

When researchers make transformative discoveries in medical science, it’s the promise—that these innovations and findings can improve our lives—which fills the world with hope for better outcomes.

At the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI), our scientists work daily on powerful discoveries to defeat challenging biomedical problems without solutions, like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and pediatric rare diseases.

Read on to find out how we’re telling this story through our new marketing campaign—”Science Creates Hope”—in the following interview with IBRI president and CEO Alan Palkowitz, PhD.


Palkowitz reveals details about the inspiration for “Science Creates Hope” and how the campaign came about. His responses—below—have been condensed for length.

What Does “Science Creates Hope” Mean to the IBRI’s Researchers?

Palkowitz: “Science Creates Hope” is only three words, but to the researchers at the IBRI, it means a lifelong commitment and passion for advancing scientific understandings of complex diseases and being a true source of innovative discoveries that can lead to new medicines.

Why Did You Choose “Science Creates Hope” as the IBRI’s New Ad Campaign Theme?

Palkowitz: The core of research-based organizations focused on fighting diseases is ultimately providing solutions to patients and their families desperately waiting for a cure, a new treatment or prevention. Through the progress of science, those in need can find tangible hope for a better life.

“The IBRI is working to help patients and families defeat diseases that currently have no real solutions, such as pediatric rare diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.”
—Alan Palkowitz

Why Did You Decide to Do This Ad Campaign Now?

Palkowitz: The “Science Creates Hope” ad campaign at the Indianapolis International Airport (IND) and online is part of our effort to bring greater awareness to our work and to highlight the broader life sciences community in Indiana.

The airport is an ideal location to amplify our message, given the large and diverse global population that passes through IND daily. This and supporting promotions online are one step.

The campaign also will enhance our recruiting efforts, identify new partnerships and expand our philanthropy.

Who Does the IBRI’s Research Help?

Palkowitz: Ultimately, the IBRI is working to help patients and families defeat diseases that currently have no real solutions, such as pediatric rare diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.

What Do You Want People to Know About the IBRI’s Work?

Palkowitz: I first want them to know that we feel their urgency.

Then, I want them to understand that the IBRI is nurturing an innovative and collaborative environment that leads to new and diverse approaches to combating these challenging diseases that would not occur otherwise.

It is through efforts like those of the IBRI that you and your families can find hope.

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