Aimee Kappes

IU Research Administrator

Joined the IBRI in September 2019

Aimee Kappes

Aimee Kappes is a dedicated research administrator with 12 years of experience preparing research applications, managing federal, state, and nonprofit awards, and facilitating innovative solutions to further scientific collaboration. She developed the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute’s (IBRI) current pre-award services and oversees the administrative and budgetary aspects of the proposal preparation process, as well as the post-submission activities.

Kappes also serves as the financial administration specialist at the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute at the Indiana University School of Medicine where she manages financial accounts, connects with sponsors and external partners, and collaborates with faculty and staff to prepare funding applications.

Prior to joining the IBRI, she worked at Purdue University holding multiple positions including pre-award funding administrator and USDA account manager. She specialized in supervising the proposal development for international projects, working closely with the department of international programs in agriculture and its global partners. She oversaw the post-award activities for USDA research funding and represented the interests of the Ag Field Office during the university’s process improvement and implementation initiative known as Transform Purdue.

Areas of Expertise

  • Award management
  • Budget supervision
  • Grant applications and proposals
  • Pre-award research administration


  • Master of Business Administration, Purdue University, 2016
  • Bachelor of Arts (English), Purdue University, 2009
  • Bachelor of Arts (Accounting), Purdue University, 2009