June Javens-Wolfe, PhD

Senior Research Associate

Joined the IBRI in December 2018

June Javens-Wolfe

June Javens-Wolfe, PhD, is a molecular and cellular biologist with a diverse laboratory skill set. In her role as a senior research analyst at the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute, she is involved with many collaborative research projects spanning both antibody and small molecule drug discovery and development. She enjoys problem solving to establish and improve new techniques and serves as a resource for the cell sorting and high content imaging needs at the IBRI.

Prior to joining the IBRI, she served as a contractor for Eli Lilly and Company, holding both laboratory and externally facing administrative and data management and analysis roles. Most recently, she coordinated external collaboration projects involving screening Lilly small molecule compounds in various biological assays.

View Javens-Wolfe's published research here.

Javens-Wolfe lives in Greencastle, IN, where she enjoys working outside on her wooded property and appreciating biology. Her husband puts up with the jars of fermenting vegetables that result from her kitchen experiments.


Areas of Expertise

  • Antibody expression and purification
  • Cell culture (mammalian and bacterial) 
  • ELISA and cell-based assays
  • Flow cytometry/cell sorting
  • Microscopy and high content imaging
  • Molecular biology


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Molecular and Cellular Biology), Indiana University, 2012  
  • Bachelor of Arts (Biology and French), DePauw University, 2004