Michael Kwakye

Research Associate

Joined the IBRI in September 2022

Michael Kwakye

Michael Kwakye is a research associate in the lab of Michael Kalwat, PhD, where he uses genetically-encoded biosensors to gain beta cell knowledge.

Kwakye's research interest is in cancer and molecular biology. During his master's program at Indiana University in Bloomington, he worked in the Hollenhorst Lab, where his project focus was on designing an effective assay for performing ChIP on plasmid DNA using the ETS family of proteins as a model.

Kwakye currently lives in Fishers, Ind. In his free time he enjoys playing video games, watching movies, shopping and going on walks.

Areas of Expertise

  • Biotechnology
  • Molecular biology


  • Bachelor of Science (Biology), Indiana University, 2021