Life at the IBRI

Driven by a passion for science and teamwork

IBRI team members playing table tennis
IBRI pets on Zoom
IBRI team

Life at the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI) means working with experienced team members, collaborating with researchers from around the world and providing patients with hope - hope for a brighter future that includes better treatment, a cure or even prevention of the disease ever taking hold.

It means seeing our values in action every day:


Research is a team sport that goes beyond the walls of the laboratory. Everyone from research associates to our financial controller and assistant investigators to our office manager makes our research possible. Food also fuels research, which is why we collaborate to fill our tables with amazing foods to celebrate milestones.


Yes, we all work in different labs, yet we are all on Team IBRI. We want to see everyone achieve success. We work together to help team members grow in their career. We also help each other as we try to win Tuesday Trivia at the AMP in 16 Tech.


We focus on game-changing research. We take initiative. We look at persistent health problems from all angles. We seek to find innovative solutions that will improve patient health. We identify new ways to grow as a team from lawn sports to showing love for our pets and from online games to sharing recipes.


We do the right thing by adhering to the highest ethical standards, by being honest and respectful, and by taking responsibility for our actions. We also ensure everyone is keeping score correctly during our Annual Table Tennis Tournament.


We operate in a diverse ecosystem of colleagues, partners, stakeholders, and patients where we respect diversity in people and in ideas. We also are working to improve diversity in the life sciences by helping to give underrepresented youth access to STEM education.

It also means working in the 16 Tech Innovation District and the great City of Indianapolis.