Molecular Innovation

Pursuing drug discovery to impact underserved diseases

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Induced pluripotent stem cells

At the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute, we’re developing sophisticated capabilities to explore therapeutic innovation at the interface of the molecular sciences and a growing understanding of complex disease biology. Our growing team and platform technologies allow us to use the power of chemistry to create novel and diverse molecules for exploring disease processes and also provide the substrate for potential new medicines.

Our efforts in molecular innovation support our internal diabetes program and serve as a powerful connection to external collaborators in other disease areas pursuing translational programs that are creating hope for patients - hope for a future that includes better treatment, a cure or even prevention of the disease ever taking hold.  

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Woman sits holding young sick girl on her lap in hospital room.

Pediatric Rare Diseases Research

Over 90% of rare diseases have no FDA-approved treatments

Pediatric Rare Diseases

“The primary way to treat neurofibromatosis 2 (NF2) hasn’t changed since I was in medical school. These kids, who live in our community, deserve more.”

D. Wade Clapp, MD
Chair of the Department of Pediatrics
Indiana University (IU) School of Medicine