SAR-Supporting PK Studies

Acquiring critical data for early-stage drug development

Scientist with pipette in fume hood

The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI) performs rapid pharmacokinetic (PK) studies on chemical compounds to support structure-activity relationship (SAR) flow schemes for IBRI medicinal chemists, collaborating organizations and member companies. This work integrates seamlessly with the other resources we offer to the drug discovery community, including compound sample management and access to our state-of-the-art Dr. August M. Watanabe Drug Discovery Laboratory.

SAR-supporting PK studies are instrumental in the early stages of drug development. They provide critical data about what happens to a compound inside the body, such as how much of the compound appears in the blood and liver and how long it persists. These data help our researchers and collaborators identify the most promising compounds for future study and development.

By providing the service for SAR-supporting PK studies with startups and other external researchers, we can help speed the discovery of new and improved therapies for a range of health conditions.

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Jay McGill, PhD
Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Administration